Are you a small business owner, blogger, or influencer?

Do you wish to know how to take high quality images that will clearly reflect your brand?

Want to learn how to use your digital camera through clear PDF's and videos?

Would you like to learn how to add creative elements to your shots?

Then you are in the right place.

What to expect...

The 6 lesson online course starts once you sign up, and you can go at your own pace.

The resource list in the introduction will give ideas for affordable camera gear to buy or rent, new or used 

Each of the 6 lessons focuses on a different aspect of photography: ie shooting in manual mode, utilizing light, composition, motion and blur, telling a story, and post processing (editing). 

Each week includes a downloadable PDF, and at least one video presentation.

Learn to compose...

beautiful images for your blog or social media feed.

Learn to shoot your digital camera in manual mode...

and understand how to utilize light, motion, and blur to achieve images that set your brand apart.

Learn to tell your story...

through photographs for your brand, your business, or your season of motherhood, and how to edit those photos for a clean bright image.

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Why I created this course for you...

As a mother of four, professional photographer, credentialed teacher, and small business owner, I wanted to create an affordable, approachable online course for those desiring the knowledge of how to take and edit a beautiful photograph. Visuals of our story - which is ultimately our "brand," are essential in this day and age... let me show you how you can take beautiful, high quality images that will set your brand apart, grow your business, or preserve this fleeting season as a mother.

I'm glad you're here.

x, Alex